Sunny morning on a Saturday

It’s a sunny morning on a Saturday, summer is just around the corner, and you know that today is your day. Planning and organizing has been going on for months, and all the hard work and those anxious butterflies in your stomach are telling you that today will be perfect. The atmosphere is spreading good vibes as today is a new beginning where you will embark on a journey you waited for so long. In other words, it is your-special-day.

AccessioriesTo all of the fabulous ladies reading this, I am about to suggest an idea you might have not thought about. The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions the word ‘wedding’, is most likely a mental picture of ‘the dress’. The dress must stand out, be unique and place you as the best dressed in the eyes of everyone. The dress, the veil, the vows, the flowers-it is a tradition dating back to once upon a time.

What if I gave you in on a little secret? Instead of a traditional wedding gown, why not be different and wear something most people wouldn’t expect you to? Now, don’t get me wrong, wedding gowns were, are and will always be beautiful, exceptional and created to be worn on a wedding day. All I am saying is choose something different and stand out. Just because almost everyone goes for the complete bridal attire from a page out of a magazine doesn’t mean you have to.

I was about seven years old when I attended a wedding of a family friend, and out of all the weddings I have been too, the bride from that particular wedding is the one I remember the best. She walked into the room in the most gorgeous strapless gown in the gracious color of red. That moment stayed with me forever, and I can’t help but wonder why everyone wouldn’t want to stand out in such a way.

I would stay in the elegant circle of silk, satin and chiffon, but would instead change the style, cut and shape or whatever you choose to wear. A combination of a pencil skirt with a peplum top is not only flattering but also chic. How about a sweet-heart neckline corset paired with a skinny pant? Accessorizing with a pair of heels, jewellery and a remarkable hair style would be the cherry on the top. The list of ideas is truly never-ending, and can be whatever you think of. I am going to stop here and leave you with one of my favourite quotes of Coco Chanel. “In order to irreplaceable, one must always be different.” Keep this in mind, use your creativity and most importantly-be yourself.

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