Promises and symbols of love: the engagement ring

It is both a symbol of the couple’s love and a promise to keep the passion burning in their hearts. It’s the one piece of jewelry that has a tremendous impact on a woman’s life, next only to the wedding band that will soon adorn her finger.

engagementEngagement rings have been traditionally given by a man to a woman during his proposal of marriage. The practice of presenting a ring to a future bride has been around since the ancient times; it has evolved through the Middle Ages, Renaissance era, and the 20th century to become the symbol of promise it is now today. It is now a common and popular practice for men to buy engagement rings for their fiancee, a prelude to wedding rings which both will wear after the marriage ceremony. Some women even opt to have the two rings soldered together, while other couples choose a wedding set to serve as both engagement and wedding ring. These days, engagement rings are most often associated with diamond rings. Thanks to a wildly successful marketing campaign by De Beers in the 20th century – and the use of the slogan “A Diamond is Forever” – the most popular gem used in these rings are precious diamonds. With its brilliance, luster, strength, and shine, the diamond has become the gem of choice for many women.

While beautifully set diamond rings remain the classic standard, couples need not be restricted in the type of ring they buy. With the advance of modern technology comes the advent of new styles, and more and more women want to have their own say in the type of ring they wear. The safest choice would be to go for a classic combination: solitaire rings, which feature a diamond set in gold or platinum. With this combination alone, the styles can vary, depending on the cut of the diamond and the way it is set. A huge diamond can even be accompanied by smaller gemstones beside it, for a bit of fanciful flair.

Women with a particular style or individual tastes may opt to buck the trend and go for something bold, unique, and truly her own. Some women opt to use colored stones like rubies and sapphires instead of the clear diamond. Some choose to have three stones set on the ring, to represent the couple’s past, present, and future. Some couples opt for a bridal set – an engagement ring and wedding ring set that looks incomplete unless paired together. When choosing a gemstone, there are many things to consider. One of the most important factors for women is the way it shines. Choose a cut that highlights the brilliance of the stone, and pick a setting that mounts the stone properly and lets it command attention, and you’ve picked an engagement ring that’s waiting to be worn. Remember the 4 Cs – cut, carats, color, and clarity – and pick a style that best suits the tastes of the intended bride to be.

Engagement rings have a storied tradition, but it’s a practice that continues to evolve and be popular today, bringing with it fresh renewals of love and a happy future for the couple. Source:

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