10 Reasons to Go Solar in Austin, Texas

1. Say Goodbye to Huge Electric Bills

Solar helps you greatly reduce or even totally eliminate your monthly electric bill.

2. Increase Your Property Value

Solar panels can do more than just pay for themselves by increasing the value of your home. In addition, they will make your house more attractive to perceptive home buyers.

3. Help Create Jobs

By going solar, you are contributing to solar industry job creation.

4. It’s Better for the Environment

Unlike conventional electricity, solar energy does not pollute. Lower your carbon footprint and gain peace of mind from knowing you’re doing the right thing for our planet.

5. Tax Incentives

The federal government offers great tax incentives that encourage consumers to go solar. If you have a solar system installed, you could be eligible for 30% tax credit.

6. Help the U.S. Become Energy Independent

Solar power can help U.S. become less dependent on oil coming from foreign countries.

7. Protect Your Roof

Solar panels can you help you save tons of money on roof repairs by protecting your roof from harsh weather.

8. Escape Ramping Up Energy Bills

Does it seem to you that your electric bills are going up? Are you struggling with predicting these jumps? Then solar is the right choice for you. Your solar installation comes with a steady, convenient payment plan. No extra charges or hidden fees!

9. Solar is Dependable and Reliable

The latest innovations in the solar industry provide customers with

Modern solar technology provides customers with consistent, trustworthy, and reliable energy.

10. Be a Trendsetter!

In a couple of years, solar will be everywhere. Be one of the early adopters to set an example for the next generations and show your friends and neighbors the way to renewable energy.

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